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Digiray YouTube Channel Announcement

  • Manager (fred4444)
  • 2020-04-02 15:34:07
  • hit4588
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Dear Partners,


I hope you are doing well in amidst of the coronavirus.

On behalf of DigiRay Corp., I have a special announcement to make: we have opened our Youtube Channel!

The name of our channel is “FireCR Digiray”

The channel will be used to instruct various repairs, usage of our instruments (e.g. hygienic bag), usage of our Quantor SW (e.g. installation, firmware update as a factory mode, etc.), and for various purposes related to our products.

It will also be used for live trainings.

Hence, if you would like to receive a live technical training, please submit your inquiry to with the topic you would like to cover, convenient time and date.

We will then set up a time for a live training in which you will be able to ask any urgent question.


Please take a look at the channel. I have put the link below:

Link to our channel:

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